King Julien XIII

king julien

If you are thinking that this post is about some glorious king of the past, you are wrong. Its about a lemur who proclaims himself to be their  lord. You must be thinking that I have gone mad, writing rubbish, about the king of LEMURS, well I have not. King Julien is the most funniest, charming, wonderful, astounding, mind blowing, psycho, full of life character who appears in the Madagascar series of Movies. His voiceover which has been beautifully done by Sasha Baron Cohen , has given justice to the character.

He has a typical Indian accent which makes him sound really funny and you feel like listening to it again and again and keep laughing. All the lemurs in the movie are dumb praise him like a lord. By the way, he himself is a dumb fellow, but a little smart than others. He has a  typical style in whatever he does which makes him much more adorable. He gives orders to everyone to serve him and everyone listens to him as if they have been hypnotized by him.

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