Job promotionAs this is my first post, I would like to tell you people that I am an Electrical Engineer , currently working in a Public Sector Company. As my blog’s title suggests, my writing will be simple and easily understandable to all. I promise you that I won’t be keeping Barron’s word-list besides me while I pen down my thoughts here. If I do use some words that may sound french or german I will link it , so that you can easily lookup the meaning.

Coming back to the topic.. recently I have been hearing people in the office gossiping about who will get promoted, who has more chances, who will get transferred, etc. etc. In a public sector company, people get promoted less because of their work, but more because of the no. of years they have spent in the office. Some people are promoted just because they have completed a particular number of years in their respective designation. Oh wow! must be so exciting for them!

Unlike in private sector, where people are recognized because of their work and hence promoted, public sector enjoys its own slow pace  of promotions. As a child, I used to wonder how happy and proud will a person feel when he gets promoted, but here I dont think I would be that much happy when I get promoted.


Much of this public Vs. private… So finally, when the D-day came, everyone was waiting for the list to be uploaded on the website. Groups had formed on each table , each person was curious to know who all got promoted. And finallyyy, the list comes.. all those who were expecting their names to be there started looking up and down the list for their name, just like when we used to fight to see our college grades.  Here, the only difference was no use of swear words( might be there, but not audible). And though everyone knows there is a “Ctrl+F” option to find their name, they doubt even Bill Gates at that moment. And then when everyone was done viewing, a series of congratulations started, phone bells kept ringing and ringing, everyone seemed happy and joyful, because they know the ones who got promotion will definitely give a party.

All and all, it was  a nice experience seeing people happy, celebrating their happiness, putting the work on hold for sometime, etc. Though the ones who got promoted knew that they were going to but still who wont be happy when his/her wallet gets a little more heavy.

Congratulations to everyone!!! 🙂