Google Handwrite for Android Phones & Tablets – Is it worth??

Just few days back, Google came up with some new feature, which I think rarely anyone knows till now. In this post, I will try my best to explain what innovation has Google tried to come up with. Is it really worth downloading?

I think Google has this weird way to promote its new features, that is, not to promote it. If I owned the world’s most used search engine, the world’s most used video sharing site & the world’s most used e-mail provider, I would first advertise my own features on them rather than advertising some rubbish, useless links.

Well then, how did I came to know about it? I was really bored after coming from office, thought I would write some post but was not getting any topic to write . I thought lets just check out Google’s blog, might be they have developed something new, fascinating, innovative thing and thus I landed up on Google Handwrite.

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