Google Handwrite for Android Phones & Tablets – Is it worth??

Just few days back, Google came up with some new feature, which I think rarely anyone knows till now. In this post, I will try my best to explain what innovation has Google tried to come up with. Is it really worth downloading?

I think Google has this weird way to promote its new features, that is, not to promote it. If I owned the world’s most used search engine, the world’s most used video sharing site & the world’s most used e-mail provider, I would first advertise my own features on them rather than advertising some rubbish, useless links.

Well then, how did I came to know about it? I was really bored after coming from office, thought I would write some post but was not getting any topic to write . I thought lets just check out Google’s blog, might be they have developed something new, fascinating, innovative thing and thus I landed up on Google Handwrite.

Warning: Desktop & Ipad Users- Reading this post will not benefit you at all as this feature is only for Android mobiles and tablets

Let us first try to understand Google’s Motive behind it.

1. Whenever you are using your android device to search on Google, and when you want to type some text, the keyboard just pops out from below and covers like half of the screen space and you think.. “Damn it! I cant see what’s there behind the keyboard? What’s the use of the Autocomplete options from Google when I can’t see them only.”

2. When you are there in the supermarket, or in a bus, or some crowded place, where you would not even dare to use the touch keyboard.

3. When you are lying on the bed, relaxing on your bean bag, and you are too lazy to type on your device.

Google’s solution to it- the new Handwrite feature

How to install it?

You need to follow 3 Simple steps –

  • First of all, Open in your browser window and go to Settings, which is there at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enable Handwrite and save the settings
  • Finally, refresh the window.

Congrats!!! You have installed it..

How to use it?

Click on the Handwrite icon displayed at the bottom of the screen and start “handwriting” using your finger. Dont worry while you are writing, nothing will get selected on the background. You will be able to see the autocomplete options clearly and hence select them easily.

You must be wondering why am I writing all this, when one can easily find it on Google’s Official Blog. Well, there is more to this post.

My experience with Handwrite

Well, after easily installing the settings, I started using the feature. The first thing which came on my mind was Batman (Dark Knight Rises has taken over me completely.. :)) , so I started typing “B” , I first made a straight line and then was going to make the two curves, till then the feature had already considered the straight line as “l” and the two curves as “3” and thus result is B=l3..

Then I tried to do it a little faster and thus it recognised it as B… too good but too late. So all those lazy fellows who think this feature will benefit you, think again.. This feature will work only if you type fast and if you have a fairly neat handwriting. Otherwise be careful, born may come out as ….if you know what I mean. 😉

Also, all those people who have a mobile with less than 800 Mhz processor speed , please think again before using this feature. It may not work at all on your mobile phone.

All in all, a good feature but needs a lot of updates. Google always comes up with beta features and then upgrades them.. Well, this is Google’s isshhtyle..

LifeinSimpleWords Rating: 2.5/5 

For those who want to read more on this may visit the following links-

Google’s Official Blog

Google Handwrite



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