King Julien XIII

king julien

If you are thinking that this post is about some glorious king of the past, you are wrong. Its about a lemur who proclaims himself to be their  lord. You must be thinking that I have gone mad, writing rubbish, about the king of LEMURS, well I have not. King Julien is the most funniest, charming, wonderful, astounding, mind blowing, psycho, full of life character who appears in the Madagascar series of Movies. His voiceover which has been beautifully done by Sasha Baron Cohen , has given justice to the character.

He has a typical Indian accent which makes him sound really funny and you feel like listening to it again and again and keep laughing. All the lemurs in the movie are dumb praise him like a lord. By the way, he himself is a dumb fellow, but a little smart than others. He has a  typical style in whatever he does which makes him much more adorable. He gives orders to everyone to serve him and everyone listens to him as if they have been hypnotized by him.


One of the best part of the movie is the song ” I like to move it, move it”. Though its not an original song, King Julien’s charm, his dance, his crazy movements take the song to another level. You can just not stop loving it. Some of his dialogs are too hillarious and the Indian accent makes it sound more funny. “I am a lady, I am a lady”, “Whatever happened to the separation of Classes”, etc.. Though these may not sound funny over here, watching the movie will make you realise it.

He has the weirdest solutions to every problem. He feels giving an animal sacrifice to the volcano will bring back the river water, he enjoys the aeroplane ride even when it is going to crash land, he feels by being friends with a lion they can get rid of the wild cats. And all these solutions eventually work.  He also gives love tips to animals around which also surprisingly work. He himself falls in love with  a huge giant bear who drives a duccati.

For everyone who has watched the movie, I hope you agree with me and for those who haven’t watched it, go.. download the movies and watch it as soon as possible. You will surely be the next fan of him.


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