Google Handwrite for Android Phones & Tablets – Is it worth??

Just few days back, Google came up with some new feature, which I think rarely anyone knows till now. In this post, I will try my best to explain what innovation has Google tried to come up with. Is it really worth downloading?

I think Google has this weird way to promote its new features, that is, not to promote it. If I owned the world’s most used search engine, the world’s most used video sharing site & the world’s most used e-mail provider, I would first advertise my own features on them rather than advertising some rubbish, useless links.

Well then, how did I came to know about it? I was really bored after coming from office, thought I would write some post but was not getting any topic to write . I thought lets just check out Google’s blog, might be they have developed something new, fascinating, innovative thing and thus I landed up on Google Handwrite.

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Sketched it – Baloo (Talespin)

baloo talespin

Baloo is the bear who plays the lead character in Disney’s cartoon series Talespin. He is one of my favourite ones. I just couldn’t wait for the next episodes to come. And also I remember that time, I had sketched the same cartoon by just watching it on TV ( as there was no internet during those days) . It took me like a week to sketch him out perfectly that time, but today I did it in not more than 20 mins.. (no bragging intended.. :P)

Sketched it – King Julien

It has been days since I last posted anything on my blog. Mainly, because I was not getting any ideas on what to post and ofcourse I was too lazy to do it.

I have decided to sketch out all the cartoons that I have loved watching in my childhood and also the ones which i still like.

This one is a very recent one, King Julien (Madagascar 3 fame). This character just amazes me and makes me laugh all the time.

A lot many to come in the near future, I hope you like them and might be some of them turn out to be your favourite as well..


Rainy day at Namma Bengaluru

A rainy day at bangalore is like experiencing Heaven on Earth. Though I may not be having a SLR, I believe a camera is a camera. It is meant to capture moments, which I think I have done it to some extent.  So, no more crap talk on this post. Just enjoy the images, and do tell me if you like it.


King Julien XIII

king julien

If you are thinking that this post is about some glorious king of the past, you are wrong. Its about a lemur who proclaims himself to be their  lord. You must be thinking that I have gone mad, writing rubbish, about the king of LEMURS, well I have not. King Julien is the most funniest, charming, wonderful, astounding, mind blowing, psycho, full of life character who appears in the Madagascar series of Movies. His voiceover which has been beautifully done by Sasha Baron Cohen , has given justice to the character.

He has a typical Indian accent which makes him sound really funny and you feel like listening to it again and again and keep laughing. All the lemurs in the movie are dumb praise him like a lord. By the way, he himself is a dumb fellow, but a little smart than others. He has a  typical style in whatever he does which makes him much more adorable. He gives orders to everyone to serve him and everyone listens to him as if they have been hypnotized by him.

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